The KOOP Community Council (CC) created a ‘Community Council Focus Document’ in 2011. The purpose was to identify Community Council priority areas of interest in order for the station to have a better and clearer understanding of its CC as envisioned by the CC. The document was presented as an agenda item to the Board and ED at the Board’s January 2012 meeting, and after their encouragement and endorsement of its vision, was presented shortly thereafter at a KOOP station-wide meeting.
During the February 2020 CC meeting the CC Focus Document was again affirmed and recodified by the CC into CC policy as its vision statement of sorts. On behalf of the Community Council and as a sitting member of both the CC and the Governance Subcommittee and in order to put into the record the current standing and vision of the CC, and per the request of the Governance subcommittee, below are the highlights of that vision.
1. The Community Council advises the Board of Directors and supports the corporation’s development, policies, and community outreach

2. To advise:
a. Community & Cultural Awareness and Sensitivity
i. Creating an atmosphere that welcomes
ii. Creating a supportive environment
iii. Exploring ways to increase Cultural Sensitivity
b. Empower & Invigorate Participation
i. Identify and Remove barriers that inhibit participation
ii. Improve communication procedures
iii. Promote a culture of participation
c. Championing Inclusion
i. Advise station on creating an environment of inclusion, both within the station and the community
ii. Support the planning and implementation of projects

3. To Connect
a. Community Issues with KOOP
i. Host forums
ii. CC Open houses
iii. Improved communication between community representatives and KOOP programmers
b. Community to KOOP
i. Promote cultural tabling activities
ii. Connect media outlets w/KOOP
iii. Facilitate KOOP Community Organization membership
c. Liaison within KOOP
i. Promote the CC
ii. Promote internal cohesion
iii. Represent CC at other meetings
iv. Encourage and nurture the voice and ideas of membership