• Each Day I Write

    On Monday, May 30, at 1:30 pm, Reflections Of Community Outreach (ROCO) will feature “Each Day I Write,” recognizing Memorial Day through the perspectives of four poets from four nations. Kaye Abikhaled (Germany), Alex Krysinski (England), Thom Woodruff (Australia) and Ed Seymour (USA) will give a thoughtful perspective on war, declared or not. Only congress […]

  • Party Stains – A Weekly Update from Stronger Than Dirt

    Some FEATURED ARTISTS on this week’s Stronger Than Dirt (Saturday, May 28, 8-10pm) include Modern Lovers, Jet, Real Kids, the Fast, Mekons, Bush Tetras, Die Haut, Waitresses, Pets, Nun, lots of new music, as well as the weekly Dusty Diamond. LAST WEEK’S DUSTY DIAMOND (a forgotten gem from the STD vaults): The Odd Numbers were […]

  • I Feel the Transition

    Well, this is it. After 16 years of bringing the finest and freshest independent Canadian music to Texas on KOOP Radio, we’ve got just one show left before we officially go on hiatus. There’s no more holding back—only the best of the best get featured on a show this momentous. This week, we ride off […]

  • Party Stains – A Weekly Update from Stronger Than Dirt

    Some FEATURED ARTISTS on this week’s Stronger Than Dirt (Saturday, May 21, 8-10pm) include Dino, Desi & Billy, Easybeats, Zenda Jacks, Blondie, John Cooper Clarke, Tubeway Army, Simpletones, Polyrock, Supersnazz, lots of new music, as well as the weekly Dusty Diamond. PIC SLEEVE OF THE WEEK: Zenda Jacks was the stage name for British singer […]

  • Grow Up and Blow Away

    Could it really be—only two shows left? After 16 years, it almost doesn’t feel real to be calling it quits. Alas, the end is nigh—as are more of our faves from the past decade-and-a-half! This week, we’ve got tracks by Boats!, Bruce Peninsula, Camaromance, Ellevator, Gay Nineties, GRAE, Hollerado, July Talk, The Long Distance Runners, […]

  • Bringing Light Into Darkness – Mon, 5/16 @ 6 PM

    Scott Ritter Former UN Weapons Inspector Challenges the one-sided Ukraine Narrative Generated by our US government leaders such as Rep Jamie Raskin. We live in a great country that affords us the latitude to pursue understandings of our choice. But our choices are increasingly not our own. Are we so thoroughly indoctrinated, mostly outside of […]

  • Free Samples Broadcasting LIVE Sunday from Madrone Coffee!

    This Sunday (5/15 @ 3:30 PM) Free Samples is broadcasting LIVE and IN PERSON from Madrone Coffee Co. in South Austin! DJ Lippy also collaborated with Madrone to make a bespoke Free Samples Blend of coffee that will be available at the shop. Come on down and get buzzed! Sunday 330pmCT Madrone Coffee Co. 6266 […]

  • Bye Bye Jubilee

    Three shows down, three to go—we’re counting down until May 27, when we wrap it all up and put This Great White North on hiatus. We’ll continue rolling though the hits this week with tracks by Bahamas, The Belle Game, Born Ruffians, Caracol, Danny Michel, Fine Times, HIGHS, Hubert Lenoir, Joel Plaskett, Kalle Mattson, Karkwa, […]

  • Bringing Light Into Darkness – Mon, 5/9 @ 6PM

    Evidence Continues to Mount that the US Public are being Misled into Demonizing Russia as having no Cause for their 2/24/22 Military Response in the Ukraine; True or False? Dr King taught us to try to see the world through the eyes of our adversaries as well as our friends. International Legal Expert Dan Kovalik […]

  • “Bans Off Our Bodies” (Abortion Rights Rally)

    At 1 pm Friday, People United presents coverage of the abortion-rights rally held at the downtown Federal Courthouse the day after Justice Alito’s draft majority opinion was leaked. The episode features interviews with Diana Gómez of Progress Texas, Amanda Beatriz Williams of the Lilith Fund, and Rosann Mariappuram of Jane’s Due Process, plus speeches by […]