• Program HighlightsNov 25, 2020

    The KOOP DJ Challenge returns on Thanksgiving with the topic HOME

    The KOOP DJ Challenge asks our programmers and volunteers to submit a song that they feel best matches our chosen topic. This month the topic is HOME, just in time for The thanksgiving holiday. And what better dinner soundtrack? Tune in Thursday at 4:30 to see what your favorite programmer brought to the (socially distanced […]

  • Program HighlightsNov 25, 2020

    Stronger Than Dirt – Saturday, 11/28 at 8:00pm

    Featured artists on this Saturday’s show include Christine Pilzer, Joy Division, Radio Free Europe (Austin), Martha and the Muffins, Dirtbombs, Le Tigre, Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Wax Idols, new music by the Golf Dolls (Madison WI), Prison Affair (Barcelona), Shannon M (Seattle), Attic Ted (San Marcos TX), Sweeping Promises (Boston), as well as the weekly […]

  • Program HighlightsNov 25, 2020

    Jamaican Gold DJ Art Baker’s 22nd Anniversary

    Art Baker celebrates his 22nd Anniversary at KOOP, with two hours of personal favorites gathered from over two decades of slinging vintage Jamaican music on the radio. Home production assistant Doctor Shadow (pictured) is also scheduled to make an appearance.

  • Program HighlightsNov 21, 2020

    Stronger Than Dirt – Sat 11/21 @ 8pm

    Featured artists on this Saturday’s show include the the Beacon Street Union, Iggy & the Stooges, Radio Birdman, Mekons, Ideal, Judy’s, Nina Hagen, Elastica, new music by Gen Pop (Olympia WA), Chats (Australia), Naked Roommate (Berkley), Smarts (Australia), and the Neutrals (Oakland), as well as the weekly Dusty Diamond. Let Stronger Than Dirt be your […]

  • Program HighlightsNov 19, 2020

    Love on the Dole: Jake Garcia of The Black Angels – Sun 11/22 @ 4:30 pm

    Turn on, tune in, and get free on Sunday afternoon while listening to DJ Jake Garcia who makes a special guest appearance programming Love On The Dole. Garcia is not only guitarist of Austin-based, world-renowned psych rock band The Black Angels – and frontman/guitarist of power pop band The Ripe – but he’s also co-owner […]

  • Program HighlightsNov 18, 2020

    The Mystery Box: Start The Record 2020 – Thu 11/19 @ 4:30 pm

    Join DJ Kanya for The Mystery Box, a KOOP Variety Time presentation. This episode is called Start the Record 2020 because it features songs that came out in the first few months of the year, right before the pandemic hit.

  • Program HighlightsNov 15, 2020

    Programmer Profile: Bluebird of The Gazing Ball

    Erin Cornett (aka DJ Bluebird) has been with KOOP since 2011. She started off behind the scenes as an engineer and now hosts The Gazing Ball featuring songs from the shoegaze and dream pop genres. Erin made her way to Austin from the Panhandle which was a smart move considering the panhandle. If this were […]

  • Program HighlightsNov 15, 2020

    Reflections of Community Outreach: Diwali – Mon 11/16 @ 1:30 pm

    This Monday on KOOP Radio Reflections of Community Outreach, Kanya Lyons talks with Reshmi Chowdhury about Diwali and the Kali Puja festival of lights that takes place over the course of five days in November.

  • Program HighlightsNov 15, 2020

    Civil Rights and Wrongs – Tue 11/17 @ 6pm

    This Tuesday Sam Woolley returns to update us on misinformation and disinformation in 2020. Sam is a member of the faculty in the UT School of Journalism, and in the UT School of Information. In addition, he is Director of UT’s Center for Media Engagement, and author of The Reality Game: How the Next Wave […]

  • Program HighlightsNov 08, 2020

    Boots on the Air – Monday, 11/9 @ 1:30pm

    KOOP’s series Boots On The Air continues Monday, November 9 at 1:30pm CDT / GMT -6. Join US Army vets Michael A. Brown and Perry Jefferies, plus KOOP’s Greg Ciotti for veterans’ news and two special Veterans Day features. Tune to 91.7 FM in Austin, worldwide at www.KOOP.org.