KOOP World Refugee Day Event, June 8th at the Bullock Museum

Posted on: June 1, 2024
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World Refugee Day (WRD) 2024  is a day designated in June by the United Nations. Austin,Texas will celebrate it June 8th at the Bullock Museum.   

WRD brings attention to the millions of refugees around the world, who were forced to flee their country due to conflict,  persecution, and displacement caused by climate change. It serves as a reminder of the urgent need to support and protect refugees.

WRD honors the courage and resilience of refugees,  who despite the hardships they face,  demonstrate strength and determination as they rebuild their lives in a new country and make contributions to society.

WRD brings communities together to share knowledge about each other’s cultures, enhancing communication, understanding and compassion. 

Each year KOOP Radio celebrates WRD under the umbrella of Austin Refugee Roundtable, a collective of many organizations who serve refugees with the aim of making Austin a welcoming and supportive resettlement community.

ARR plans the celebration event,  which includes many activities such as educational information about the journey of refugees, kids crafts, family portraits, entertainment including musical and dance performances, and culturally relevant cuisine. 

A highlight of the celebration event is a naturalization ceremony, a final step and a significant milestone for immigrants, marking their full integration into the social, political, and legal fabric of the United States. 

This year the KOOP Community Council, as a part of its mission, designates World Refugee Day (WRD) as an annual Celebration Event, emphasizing the importance of diversity and cultural sensitivity both at the station and within the community. 

Remarkable efforts are dedicated to promoting World Refugee Day, including coordinating plans for the June 8th celebration day, conducting interviews with individuals and organizations involved, broadcasting the discussion of refugee topics, and generously volunteering time and resources for the support of refugees.