Brand New Electronic This Saturday on Fresh From the Underground!

Posted on: May 1, 2024
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Join us this Saturday at 5 PM as Fresh From the Underground newcomer DJ ConLRAD presents new heat from electronic mainstays as well as budding talent. Artists featured this week include MJ Cole, Vincent Antone, Blinky Bill, and many more.

MJ Cole

Anyone who pays attention to the British pirate stations has likely heard this man’s name at least a few times. Predominantly a UK Garage producer, he is known for his punchy, danceable mixes. His music has been nominated for the Mercury Prize and has featured on the show “People Just Do Nothing”.

Vincent Antone

This man is the funkiest producer in Austin, Texas. He is a multi-instrumentalist, turntablist, and Ableton wizard that can bring the house down at any show he performs at. Expect to hear hip hop, soul, and funk in his new track “Respect”.

Blinky Bill

Named after an Australian children’s book series, Blinky Bill is a producer from the African state of Kenya. Starting out in 2006 with the group “Just a Band”, he has since branched out into solo work. Expect plenty of syncopated poppy goodness from one of Africa’s next breakout artists.