Monte and Brandi Warden on The Singer and the Song

Posted on: April 20, 2024
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The Singer and the Song welcomes Monte and Brandi Warden. Monte Warden is a Texas music treasure, the frontman of two great bands (The Wagoneers and Monte Warden and the Dangerous Few), and a hit songwriter for many other artists, including George Strait. His co-writing partner on most of his songs is his equally talented wife Brandi, who will join us for this episode to talk about their work together. Then Monte will sing the songs, including the new single Waxahachie Hoochie Coo! Join us for a lovely lively hour of music and conversation for the whole hour on KOOP 91.7 FM and, 3-4pm, Saturday, April 20th. By the way, you have until Saturday afternoon to listen to last week’s great archive episode with Kris Schultz at The Singer and the Song – KOOP Radio 91.7 FM