Trans Day of Visibility – Sunday, March 31st

Posted on: March 22, 2024
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Trans day of visibility

March 31st is Trans Visibility Day and KOOP is celebrating so many of the amazing contributions and histories of trans and gender diverse people!

Image of trans and gender diverse musicians: Angel Haze (they/them); Angela Morley (she/her); yannick-robin mirko (they/he); Jayne County (she/her); Teddy Geiger (she/her); Brody Ray (he/him)
Angel Haze (they/them); Angela Morley (she/her); yannick-robin mirko (they/he); Jayne County (she/her); Teddy Geiger (she/her); Brody Ray (he/him)

Throughout history and cultures, trans people have been trailblazers, caretakers, and creatives in our communities. Trans Visibility Day provides the opportunity to highlight and support the many organizations and people that are fighting to stop the waves of anti-trans hatred, but also to celebrate the myriad contributions trans and gender-diverse people have made to our society.

Follow us on our socials and tune in as we lead up to the 31st to learn more about trans artists, activists and organizations this Trans Visibility Day.