Support KOOP During Amplify Austin Day, March 6-7

Posted on: March 6, 2024
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KOOP Radio invites you to join us March 6-7 for the biggest giving event in Central Texas, Amplify Austin Day. On Amplify Austin Day, you can make an impact on our collective community with a gift of $5 or more in support of over 700 local nonprofits, including KOOP!

KOOP is a community radio station, the originator of the “Keep Austin Weird” mantra, and fueled by dedicated volunteers who are your friends and neighbors! It serves as a vibrant hub, delivering original and independent music programming, and thought-provoking public affairs programming crafted by the diverse voices of the Austin community, extending its impact beyond the city.

Yet, KOOP Radio’s significance extends beyond its eclectic programs. At its core, our mission is to actively engage, connect, and enrich the entire community, prioritizing inclusivity and reaching out to underserved populations. Through a mosaic of diverse, high-quality educational music and news content, KOOP aspires to be a unifying force.

Our commitment to community enrichment materializes through our volunteer training initiatives. We provide free instruction in the broadcast arts, fostering an environment where anyone can acquire the skills essential to radio production. This commitment to education opens doors for individuals, creating opportunities to contribute to the dynamic world of radio.

KOOP’s impact reverberates further through the efforts of our Community Council. Collaborating with local organizations, we amplify their missions by offering free Public Service announcements and event publicity across our networks. KOOP Radio is not just a broadcaster; it’s an active participant in the cultural tapestry of Austin, a reflection of our community’s diversity, and a platform dedicated to amplifying voices that might otherwise go unheard.

Amplify Austin Day officially kicks off March 26 at 6pm, but you can donate any time at