Review: Melenas – Ahora

Posted on: November 18, 2023
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Melenas – Ahora (Trouble in Mind, 2023)

For their third album, Pamplona Spain’s indie rockers Melenas have traded in their guitars for keyboards while still leaning heavily into the gorgeous melodies found in their earlier work. “Ahora,” released in late September on the Trouble in Mind label, is a tour de force of contemporary indie synth pop-rock, combining alt aesthetics of bands like Stereolab and Electrelane with Kraftwerkian electronic flourishes. The title song, “Ahora,” begins the album with a mesmerizing rhythm and haunting synth riffs, creating a wistful, beautifully melancholic mood that continues throughout the album. The next song, “K2,” cruises along with a pulsing bassline, more catchy synth lines along with sweet vocal harmonies and it’s on and on like this for the rest of the album, one tasty confection after another. Melenas have successfully reimagined their earlier garage pop with a rich tapestry of synth sounds, and “Ahora” offers up the proof. (Review by Scott Gardner of Stronger Than Dirt)

Catch a video track from the album here: