In Memory Of Andrew Dickens

Posted on: June 28, 2023
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With profound sadness, we share the news of the passing of our dear friend, Andrew Dickens. As we mourn the loss of a remarkable individual, we also celebrate his extraordinary life and invaluable contributions as a brilliant tech engineer and former Chair of the Board of Directors of KOOP Radio.

Andrew’s unwavering dedication and selfless leadership as KOOP’s tech mastermind were instrumental in shaping the station’s success, particularly during turbulent times. His technical expertise and his passion for community radio allowed KOOP to navigate challenges and continue to thrive. Without Andrew’s invaluable guidance, KOOP might not exist as the vibrant community institution we know today.
The value of Andrew’s contributions to KOOP throughout the years cannot be overstated. His selflessness, knowledge, and commitment helped shape the station into what it is today—a beacon of community, creativity, and empowerment. His absence will be deeply felt, but his legacy will forever serve as a reminder of the immense impact one person can have on an organization and the lives of those around them.

Andrew Dickens leaves behind an extraordinary legacy, and we are grateful for the privilege of knowing him.