Bringing Light Into Darkness – Mon, 5/8 @ 6pm

Posted on: May 1, 2023
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Bringing Light Into Darkness

Challenging US Hegemony: Undermining Diplomacy & the Emergence of China & Russia as Multipolar Powers We describe the informational cocoon created and the liability that constitutes main stream media and the stunting of critical thinking when a small elite of six corporations own 90% of the information made available and unavailable to the US electorate. We review the pattern of deceit in which foreign policy wars of Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria were all misrepresented to the US public through lies and deceit and wonder why the US public should not question anything our current government and major medias have to say about the US-NATO-Russia-Ukraine War raging presently.

Mike Whitney, investigative journalist, and economic and geopolitical analyst describes the clash of US hegemony with the Chinese economic and foreign aid investment model and how the middle class has fared differently under each model. One a State directed economic model in which the State reigns in and subordinates the economic power of oligarchs to the welfare of the majority middle class and the other in which a small elite class led by oligarchs and which own the vast majority of wealth are the masters of our government and largely dictate laws and norms that are devastating our US middle class. In one model the power dynamics are that of the State keeping in check the oligarch class and in the other the unregulated accumulation of wealth of a small minority led by an aggressive foreign policy that exports wars and conflict has an inordinate power influence on our government and its policies.

We describe the irrational and bellicose opposition to rapprochement efforts with Russia that have been driving our foreign policy and critically review the Lavrov 4/24/23 speech that shares a counternarrative of Russia Ukraine War and the promotes the evolution to a multipolarity world and a movement away from the unipolar US hegemonic model. Is allowing missiles to be secured that would be only minutes from striking Moscow a rational national security concern and does it violate ‘the indivisibility of national security concerns’ as protected by the UN Charter? Has a ‘Rules based order’ sought to trump the UN Charter principles that include the sovereign rights of nations? The Lavrov speech basically juxtaposes the UN Charter principles and the double standards of US foreign policy behavior that seems to have compromised the neutrality of the UN itself. The history of the Minsk agreement, codified by the UN and the unilateral violations by the US-West supported Ukraine side and their deceitful betrayal of diplomacy along the way helps frame an understanding of the truth of the Russian-Ukraine conflict.