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Posted on: April 3, 2023
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Bringing Light Into Darkness

How the Intersection of Wealth Inequality & Media Information Control is Hijacking our Democracy

Examples of how our media and government work hand in glove to misrepresent facts on the ground if the facts on the ground do not fit the dominant narrative that sustains uncritically the status quo of egregious levels of wealth inequality. The relationship between control of information and gross wealth inequality and its creation of US public ignorance that leads us to unjust wars and conflicts is suggested. Three detailed examples of how our media and government have arrogantly sought to bully those that critical question the absence of evidence or just outright lie or completely revise history to a preferred mainstream dominant narrative are presented tonight on Bringing Light Into Darkness.

John Kirby US government National Security expert regarding the 2015 Turkish shootdown of a Russian fighter pilot along the Syrian Turkish border is emblematic of the insulting arrogance of US officials is replayed and discussed. How the UN instead of being a force for equity among nations acts to the advantage of those countries that pay more into it rather than to follow its mandate to equally serve all nations is addressed. An example that suggests that the result of maintaining unfair advantages to powerful nations that often enables unfairness by insulating them from ramifications for internationally illegal activities is also the form of a recent example of a UN spokesperson defending the US illegal occupation of Syria is provided and discussed.

The third example is an eight minute NPR 03/2022 piece still purveys the false image making that suggests Russia was the aggressor in 2008 Georgia Russia War despite OSCE and EU Reports that proved the opposite. The conflict erupted on 7 August 2008, as Georgia shelled the breakaway region of South Ossetia, in an attempt to regain control over it.

The mainstream narrative that has since been completely contradicted by these thoroughly documented reports one by the OSCE in the months following the conflict of August 2008 as well as another much more exhaustive EU report published in 2009. It was commissioned by the Council of the European Union, and written by Swiss diplomat Heidi Tagliavini, with the help of 30 European military, legal and history experts. That NPR some 14 years later continues to promote the fully discredited mainstream narrative that it was Russia and not Georgia that initiated the aggressions of August 2008 and that these investigations also revealed the war crimes of targeting of civilians by Georgia another fact unreported by the NPR 8 minute piece, suggests NPR and mainstream media are not investigative journalists but instead propagandists serving the US foreign policy of demonizing Russia first rather than seeking the truth of matters.

That serving and promoting Russiaphobia is not journalism its war promoting propaganda that needs to be corrected to create a truly informed US public electorate that democracy demands, is suggested.
Please join us tonight for what we hope is a though provoking dialogue and analysis.