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Posted on: March 7, 2023
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Bringing Light Into Darkness

US Healthcare Profiteering & US Foreign Policy’s Main Driver, Making the World safe for Profiteering with Mike Whitney

Please join us tonight as we juxtapose our US Healthcare system comparative inadequacies compared to other developed nations, and the role of profiteering in its healthcare delivery inadequacies with the more macro impacts of profiteering on world geopolitics and its promotion of seemingly endless conflict and war. We discuss a history that has been kept from the US public about how profiteering drivers operates and influences world geopolitics behind the scenes.

A microcosm example is detailed regarding the neocolonialist exploitation of the African continent that was confronted by Ghaddafi’s Libya policies, part of a larger policy to seek a United States of Africa vision. The profiteering example given is of Europe and France charging the African continent $500m a year for communication satellite access and Africa having some of the highest phone rates in the world, and Ghaddafi largely financing a replacement satellite system to replace Regional African Satellite Communication (RASCAM), established in 1992 by some 45 African nations and the $500m a year rental fees charged by the Europeans led by the French. In December 2007 as an outcome of Libya’s financial aid Africa secured its own satellite system and France and Europe lost their $500m a year cash cow. With the threat of creating a United States of Africa and further reversing the exploitation of the African continent’s resources by the neo colonizing west, perhaps and arguably this was the primary driver for seeking to overthrow Gadaffi by US led NATO forces in 2011.

Investigative journalist Mike Whitney joins BLID and explains the Russia-Ukraine-US-NATO conflict as an outcome of the geopolitics of the world and the US seeking to make sure its hegemonic position in the world today is not challenged while other countries like Russia and China are seeking a more fair-trade model of multipolarity.

The role of profiteering in the world economic dominance, the west led by the US has had since WWII & the increasing challenge of this unipolar economic dominance exerted by the US which is today being challenged by countries like Russia, China and India which refuse to be treated as lesser nations when it comes to economic development and sovereignty rights to co exist is discussed.

Whitney also addresses the unfolding military conditions on the ground in Ukraine and recent past month comments made by Colonel Douglas MacGregor on the same, including MacGregor’s claim that western media is and has been completely misleading the US and western public regarding the actualities on the ground in Ukraine.