Bringing Light Into Darkness – Mon, 1/23 @ 6 PM

Posted on: January 21, 2023
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Bringing Light Into Darkness

Two interviews on the same day 1/17/23 are excerpted and combined with commentary by Pedro Gatos who seeks to combine three primary sources that confirm casualty numbers that have been unreported by MSM, namely upwards to an 8:1 or higher death rate for Ukrainian soldiers vs Russian losses. Colonel Douglas Macgregor is a decorated combat veteran, the author of four books and a PhD. Macgregor has testified as an expert witness on national security issues before the House Armed Services and House Foreign Relations Committee & is a frequent guest commentator on radio and television. Gonzalo Lira novelist and filmmaker living in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Lira was abducted by the Ukrainian on April 15, 2022,[1][2] and after a massive international outcry Lira was released a week later. Lira reports, based on casualty numbers and active military soldier number strengths, that this war was over some time ago.

Why is this not reported? Is it because they destroy the false narratives that Ukraine is winning the war, that Russia is incompetently executing their war with no regard to civilian casualties and other falsehoods promoted by unreliable Ukrainian state sourcing that our US government allows to go unchallenged in order to mislead the US public into supporting this slaughter?

Instead BLID has been presenting a dissenting view that has proven light years closer to the truth since the 2014 US led coup ignited this conflict. A dissent that has been getting ridiculed by many based on the wall to wall misleading and outright false claims reported by our MSM that we empirically reveal and call out routinely.

MacGregor describes the impact of NATO war weaponry pouring into Ukraine; and describes the perceived end game for Russia in this armed conflict; and the explains why it is a false claim that Ukraine is making sovereign choices. Additionally he has this and more to share. “We have made this much worse than it could have ever been. And it continues to get worse.” .. in addition to all this military equipment which may prolong but will not alter the ultimate Russian military victory…. We are seeking to existentially eliminate Russia as a world rival power to us… “We made it clear it is not just regime change, it’s humiliate Russia, destroy it , dismember it. Insane! Under those circumstances I am surprised if we get through this without a nuclear exchange.”

Meanwhile Lira reports on the impending fall of Bakhmut as a second line of defense and how 15-16 year olds and elderly recruits as evidenced by video data are being forced into military duty and death. Because there are not young US GIs dying in Ukraine we should not care? Lira reports on possible Polish military actions and their alarming huge increase in military recruits and why Russia is done trusting the diplomatic process with the West and what that means for the end game.