Bringing Light Into Darkness – Mon, 12/5 @ 6 PM

Posted on: December 5, 2022
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Bringing Light Into Darkness

How does this War end? Examining Propaganda Present & Past that hide the Geopolitical underpinnings of The Ukraine War:

Tonight’s show questions elements of a dominant US foreign Policy narrative that is misleading the majority population here in the US once again with our mainstream media once again failing its mandate to fully inform. It happened in Viet Nam, in Afghanistan, in Libya and Syria. It is happening in Yemen yet again we are in the dark. Is it happening as we speak again here in the Ukraine?

Tonight, we acknowledge the many alleged propaganda themes that feed and nurture our acculturated belief that demonizes Russia in the execution of its military policies in the Ukraine. We have falsely been told that with complete certainty Russia:
1) as a matter of policy uses human shields; 2) that Russia not Ukraine was responsible for the Bucha murders of innocents; 3) that Russia not Ukraine was responsible for the public railway missile bombing at Kramatorsk that killed more than 50 Ukrainian civilians; 4) That Russia as a matter of policy indiscriminately kills civilians; 5) We have been told time and time again the Zaporizhian Nuclear plant is being bombed by Russia not Ukraine; 6) that the Kherson retreat indicates it is Ukraine not Russia that is ‘winning’ this war; and
7) that according to UN officials Russia is engaging in a strategy of raping Ukrainian women;
8) That Ukrainian neo nazis are simply an empty ‘Russian talking point’. Are these claims true and what impact do they have on our collective perception of the Ukraine crisis?
We address the veracity or lack therof of all these claims that have been driven into our public consciousness by the preponderance of ‘news’ reports filtering in to our brain. We examine what we real is the real barometer of how this conflict unfolding and that is military vs civilian deaths in Ukraine.
Investigative journalist Mike Whitney brings light into darkness surrounding the impact of the war on the EU as well as the geopolitical motivations he suggests are driving this war and what the endgame might look like.
The show ends with a tribute to my mom Bobby Gatos on her 92nd birthday.