Bringing Light Into Darkness – Mon, 11/28 @ 6 PM

Posted on: November 28, 2022
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Bringing Light Into Darkness

Supporting Women and Free Trade: ‘Free Trade’ vs ‘Fair Trade’: How the Wealth of Nations is Appropriated through ‘Free Trade’ driven Foreign Policies

Tonight’s show unveils an important indictment of the historical methods of accumulation of the gross wealth of Western nations and US Foreign Policy, by pursuing and documenting:

1. What is the difference between Free Trade & Fair Trade and how does it impact majority populations of the world?
2. Why is it that the majority population of countries our multinational corporations invest most heavily in, and that within which our foreign policy extends its reach and greatest power, why is the consistent outcome a significant and measurable deterioration of the quality of life for that majority?
3. The following five country profiles Bolivia, Ecuador, Haiti, Libya and Honduras provide evidence of a consistent pattern rather than aberrations of the impact of US foreign policy upon majority populations of the world.
4. We include a special deeper analysis of Honduras and the impact of the US enabled Honduran June 28, 2009 coup by economist Dr Jose Antonio Cordero from the Center of Economic Policy (CEPR) and a previous BLID show which aired shortly following the coup which analyzed the economic performance of the Honduran economy before and after the democratic election of the Zelaya government we helped to remove.

Join us tonight as special guest Josefina Castillo – describes how we can support the ‘collective’ vendors of Women & Fair Trade. Josefina BA in Sociology from Universidad Nacional Autonóma de México and has a PhD in Education from the University of Arizona. Josefina has worked as a Popular Educator in Mexico and the US for over 30 years and is the former Director for 12 years of the Austin office of the American Friends Service Committee. Co-founder and current Board Chair of Austin Tan Cerca de la Frontera. She is also a board member of Women on the Border.

Learn how supporting democracy means supporting Fair Trade by joining us tonight and learn about the18th annual Women and Fair Trade Festival in Austin, TX this Saturday 12/3/22 sponsored by Austin Tan Cerca de la Frontera. For more information you may go to