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Posted on: August 15, 2022
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Why Should we Believe the Dominant Narratives of the Russian – Ukraine Military Conflict? (with special guest Scott Ritter)

Trying to get at the truth of unfolding events in world news such as Ukraine, is like eating at a buffet. Every position is presented with equal gusto regardless of the fact that all versions cannot possibly be true because so many directly contradict each other. Remember the Russian Bounty story? campaigning for President Joe Biden treated as fact that the US intelligence agencies determined that Russia had paid the Taliban bounties to kill Americans in Afghanistan. Here on Bringing Light Into Darkness we questioned the claim even though it was repeated ad nauseum by the Mainstream Media (MSM) and became a false “fact” accordingly. Yet at the same time, while Biden was a candidate, Pentagon officials would not substantiate that such payments were made. In other words, what most Americans were taught to believe, and did believe, namely that these evil Russians were up to no good once again was unsubstantiated slander.

In August 2013, just a few years earlier, John Kerry lied to the American public, claiming with absolute certainty that President Assad of Syria was responsible for the 8/21/2013 sarin gas attack in which he killed hundreds of his own people. BLID pointed out the absence of evidence to support the certainty Kerry was presenting and that therefore denied certainty.

We went to war in Iraq, 10 years earlier based on lies that were uncritically accepted and perpetuated by our MSM and that the majority population of our country continued to believe years later. ‘Saddam Hussein had WMD’; ‘Saddam was harboring al Qaeda’; ‘Saddam was responsible for 9-11’; all lies. There are so many other similar examples such as in Viet Nam, and Afghanistan. We bring this up to share that the same misrepresentation and confusion around the truth of the US-NATO vs Russia roles in the Ukraine dominates our news coverage today since and before the February 2022 Russian invasion. Tonight Scott Ritter, former weapons inspector that correctly warned us of the false nature of the (Iraqi) WMDs, returns to BLID to address many of the dominant narratives that have led us astray rather than towards the truth of the unfolding events in the Ukraine that due to our MSM one-sided coverage are difficult to decipher.” What are the real ballpark casualty numbers of combatants vs civilians in Ukraine? What is the military situation on the ground and who poses the greatest war criminality threat to the civilian population? What percentage of our military equipment reach Ukrainian forces? What is nature and role of the Wagner Group in the conflict? What are the changing military objectives of Russia in response to sophisticated military equipment being provided by NATO?