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Posted on: August 1, 2022
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Cuba: Revolutionary Principles & Behavioral Deeds as a Democratic Barometer.

On the 69th anniversary of the failed military takeover of the Moncada Military Barracks in the eastern Cuban province of Santiago de Cuba by Fidel Castro and his 26 de Julio revolutionaries, and as we approach Fidel Castro’s 96th birthday, Bringing Light Into Darkness (BLID) invites listeners to humbly reconsider the pejorative presentation of the Cuban Revolution that our culture has promoted deep into our psyche from a different perspective. A perspective seeped not in words of political prejudice but one measured in revolutionary principles of honesty and integrity. Is there a record of promises made by the Cuban Revolution? Is there a record of whether such promises were kept? What does examples of revolutionary principles look like and what examples of such principles empirically reflect or contradict such a behavioral integrity?

How did Fidel define the Revolution and its intentions? Based on more than a half dozen visits to Cuba and personal visits and interviews with government and medical Cuban leaders and workers Pedro Gatos shares and invites you to consider a different way of looking at the Cuban model and US foreign policy toward it, before rushing to judgment.