Party Stains – A Weekly Update from Stronger than Dirt

Posted on: July 13, 2022
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Some FEATURED ARTISTS on this week’s Stronger Than Dirt (Saturday, July 16, 8-10pm) include Gene Clark, Anna Karina, Poppy Family, Dickies, Prefects, Pink Section, Supercharger, Raveonettes, Jacuzzi Boys, lots of new music, as well as the weekly Dusty Diamond.

COVER ART OF THE WEEK: The Dickies are a long running punk band from southern California, and are known for a speedy, humorous brand of poppy punk. They were the first L.A. punk band to score a major record label when they signed with A&M in 1978. That same year they released their first album, “The Incredible Shrinking Dickies” which featured cover art by Artrouble. It has been reissued innumerable times on various labels. Click image to enlarge.

LAST WEEK’S DUSTY DIAMOND (a forgotten gem from the STD vaults): Tina and the Total Babes were a one-off project for California musician Tina Lucchesi (Trashwomen, Bobbyteens). She was backed by the Total Babes, a band from Minnesota that included multi instrumentalist and producer Travis Ramin (Short Fuses). They played a beefed up power pop punk that recalled early bands like Nikki and the Corvettes and Holly and the Italians. “All About Makin’ Out” is an energetic, fun dance-y romp showcasing Lucchesi’s vocal talents and some searing guitar work. It appeared in 2000 on the “She’s So Tuff” album (their only release) on Sympathy for the Record Industry. A classic song on a classic album. Listen to it here:

Promo art from Supercharger’s 1991 self-titled album on Radio X Records. Original photo and design are uncredited.