ROCO’s Eat Good Radio Features Influencer Jane Ko

Posted on: June 4, 2022
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IMG_5436 - Gregory Ciotti

Eat Good Radio in a monthly feature of Reflections of Community Outreach (ROCO). Tune in on Monday, 6/6 at 2:00 PM to hear from guest Jane Ko on how she came to be an Influencer and what it takes to be a professional Influencer. She also discusses how she has supported the local Food Industry during the pandemic and especially how they both helped Austin during the big winter freeze.

Jane recommends her favorite cheese, Mimolette, which is a hard orange French cheese akin to Holland’s Gouda. Be a part of the EGR Guest Cheese of the Month Club by sampling this or any of the EGR guest recommended cheeses.

Past cheeses of the months, and absolutely delicious suggestions, include Parmigiano Reggiano, Rogue River Blue, Cana de Oveja, Humboldt Fog, Mozzarella, Midnight Moon and Fromage D’Affinois.