Bringing Light Into Darkness – Mon, 5/9 @ 6PM

Posted on: May 9, 2022
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Evidence Continues to Mount that the US Public are being Misled into Demonizing Russia as having no Cause for their 2/24/22 Military Response in the Ukraine; True or False?

Dr King taught us to try to see the world through the eyes of our adversaries as well as our friends. International Legal Expert Dan Kovalik and investigative journalist Mike Whitney join Bringing Light Into Darkness to help identify a host of misrepresentations and proof supporting a potentially valid concern that what is being presented to the US public is rationalizing yet another US NATO provoked conflict. Please join us tonight as we lay out the evidence of these claims that suggest the possibility that Ukrainians are being sacrificed for US-NATO geopolitical interests. The result pf which is a catastrophic effect for not just Ukrainians who bear the brunt, but likely for majority populations of Europe.

International law expert Dan Kovalik, author and University of Pittsburg Professor of Human Rights law, rejoins Bringing Light Into Darkness to discuss a host of International Law connected issues and specifically address these concerns.

Has yet another unjust War been largely provoked by the West led by the US? We will provide shocking insights for you to consider regarding the veracity of these concerns. Insights that get no evening news air time. If the US public does not start questioning instead of ideologically supporting this conflict will it continue a pattern of our foreign policy past?

Please join us in our honest pursuit to get at the truth and let us know if we in any way are misrepresenting any truth in the content we wish you to critically examine.