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Posted on: May 30, 2022
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The Character of a Nation is Revealed by those that Fight its Battles.

The anniversary month of the Odessa massacre (5/2/14) of 48 peaceful unarmed protestors, revealed the character of a coup government that came to power with US support . Arguably it was US and western intelligence calling the shots regarding the post Ukraine 2014 coup repression which was led by neo nazi militias led by Azov forces. Burned alive in Odessa Trade Union Building, beaten to death as they tried to escape. This revealed the character of the government we brought to power and which led to the taking up of arms in the south and eastern breakaway regions of Donetsk and Lugansk in the Donbass. Yet this event got barely a mention in US mainstream media. In Mariupol in the east as well Ukraine tanks rolled into the city to suppress peaceful protests against the unconstitutional coup that had overthrown their duly elected government. Jeremy Kuzmarov editor of Covert Action Magazine joins BLID to discuss this and other misrepresented ‘news’ coverage of our US foreign policy outcomes that was marked by the Feb 2014 coup we promoted.

Jeremy reviews the content of his 5/13/22 article he published on what was originally presented with absolute certainty as a Russian massacre of hundreds in Bucha but has since shaped up to appear to be another false flag event in early April. However, the unproven massacre by Russian troops in Bucha was used to escalate U.S. military intervention. Mission accomplished.

Tonight’s show reminds us that the character of a nation lies in the allies that help fight in our foreign policy interventions. Death squads in Central America during the 1960s – 1990s. The Mujahedin in Afghanistan, al Qaeda like groups leading the fight on behalf of US foreign policy in Syria and now neo nazi groups have been brought to power by our US promoted coup. What appears to be the truth, is not the truth & this time thousands of Ukrainians are paying the ultimate price.

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