ROCO’s Eat Good Radio – Mon, 4/3 @ 1:30 pm

Posted on: April 2, 2022
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IMG_5436 - Gregory Ciotti

Eat Good Radio guest Katrina Tolentino, Executive Director of Naturally Austin, shares her love of food, entrepreneurship and philanthropy with Kendall and John.

Tune in Monday 4 April at 1:30 to hear this and much more. Each month guests reveal their favorite cheese, and then Undercover Greg tries it out. Katrina chose Midnight Moon, a firm artisanal goat’s milk cheese that is mad. it is from Holland and closely resembles the smooth dense texture of the more familiar Gouda. Be a part of the EGR Guest Cheese of the Month Club by sampling this EGR guest recommended cheese. Share your Moonlight Moon thoughts, recommendation and stories with Undercover Greg by contacting him at

Past cheeses of the months, and absolutely delicious suggestions, are; Parmigiano Reggiano, Rouge River Blue, Cane de Oveja, Humboldt Fog and the ‘marvelous mozz’, Mozzarella.