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Posted on: April 18, 2022
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A Systemic Racism Primer on or about the 157th Anniversary of Lincoln’s Assassination; Plus an Important 4/16/22 Ukraine-NATO-Russia War Update

On the 157th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s assassination we review how the nature of systemic racism has reared its head though our history right up until today. We detail how slavery was followed by Reconstruction which was subverted by Jim Crow period that extended through 1964 and the passage of the Civil Rights Act. We describe how only the means and methods of racism and the subjugation of equal access to financial stability for blacks has been subjugated right up until today with Jim Crow laws transforming into Modern day Forms of Discrimination, which we detail and document empirically.

First it was slavery, then post 13th Amendment it became criminalizing black behavior though vagrancy and other subjective ill defined ‘black codes’ that promoted convict leasing into the 1930s. Slavery by another name?

We document how the 1935 Social Security Act and the 1944 GI Bill maintained and expanded the great racial wealth divide rather than closing it. We document modern day forms of discrimination including unequal incarceration rates for blacks, environmental racism, redlining, housing discrimination and subprime mortgage rates. The shocking results of which, well into the 21st find African Americans with 1/10th the median wealth of an average white household and live longer life spans if they are incarcerated than if they are free.
Listen in to learn all you need to know about the nature of racial injustice and systemic racism right up through 21st century US of A.

We conclude the show with an important update on the unfolding events in the Ukraine and the pending Russian offensive in southeastern Ukraine with geopolitical expert and investigative journalist Mike Whitney.