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Posted on: April 11, 2022
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International Law Expert Critiques all Countries Involved in the Ukraine Crisis & Suggests it did not Start with the Russian Invasion but with the 2014 Coup

International law expert Alfredo de Zayas joins Bringing Light Into Darkness to discuss International Law and ongoing events and the context of those events connected to the Ukraine, NATO, US Russian invasion crisis. De Zayas is a law professor at the Geneva School of Diplomacy and served as a United Nations Independent Expert on International Order 2012-18.

The United Nations Charter is described as the ‘world constitution’ if you will and the violations thereof by world powers is discussed as well as the concepts of ‘preemptive self-defense’ and ‘responsibility to protect’ (R2P). Does a country have the right to attack another country and if so when does a country have that right under international law? An inalterable principle of the UN Charter is the prohibition, not only of the use of force but of the threat of the use of force. Our guest discusses its relevance in the context of the current Ukraine war crisis.

Another international law issue connected to the fact that sanctions kill and the present world context in which unilateral coercive measures in the form of sanctions in which finds today we find some one third of the world’s people under sanctions, yet he only legal sanctions are sanctions imposed by the UN under Chapter 7 of the UN Charter. The UN General Assembly has condemned the unilateral sanctions repeatedly.

Our guest describes the complicity of the MSM in misleading the US public and the geopolitical forces in the world today and while condemning Russia for its ‘illegal invasion’ of Ukraine he also provides evidence to support his claim and belief that in the context of recent history, it is the US not Russia which is guilty of violating more international law than any other country.