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Posted on: March 21, 2022
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Ukraine, US Foreign Policy ‘Sovereignty Busting’ Methods and Iraq War Crimes
Sovereignty is the state of being free from the control or power of another. US citizens are profoundly ignorant of the extent that the sovereignty of other nations are routinely violated as a matter of policy, not aberration, by US foreign policy. We explore the methods used therein to undermine said sovereignty, in service of profiteering for big business interests at the direct and inverse impoverishing of majority populations in the countries we intervene in. As a result of this profound ignorance of the means and methods of US foreign policy we are easily manipulated into believing Ukraine sovereignty was violated by Russia rather than the United States long before the 2/24/22 Russian invasion of Ukraine.
In the limited time we have available tonight BLID shares the profile in two historical examples of how we, through our toolbox of US foreign policy techniques, are masters at ‘sovereignty busting’ and how its success is intimately connected to the public relations framing of such interventions by weaponizing the news to reframe these illegal interventions as ‘democracy building’.
You will see how the Guatemala coup in 1954 revealed the complicity between how big business owns and ultimately dictates US government policy through its incestuous relationship with those that occupy and run our government. The 1973 Chilean coup lessons are unveiled and reveal how US techniques of penetrating nearly every sector of civil society by US CIA driven monies and interest subverted Chilean sovereignty. We show how the Ukraine subversion was executed by the evolution and influences of US government agencies and agents such as USAID and the NED.
The second half of the show features guest Alan Pogue, esteemed photo documentarist and Viet Nam medic and veteran. We juxtapose his eye witnessed US targeting of Iraq water and electrical grids during his four visits to Iraq in the lead up to the US invasion, versus the accusation that Russia is targeting civilians as a matter of policy as we speak.