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Posted on: March 28, 2022
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Secy of State John Kerry 9/3/2013 Deceitful Testimony: Are US Government Foreign Policy Misrepresentations the Rule Rather than the Exception?

When introducing his new Environmental Czar, Joe Biden described former Secretary of State John Kerry with a number of accolades including “there is no one I trust more.” On 9/3/2013 John Kerry testified in front of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. He was arguing for the authorization of US Military action against the Syrian government because he argued that with absolute certainty the Assad government had gassed his own people on 8/21/2013.

Bringing Light Into Darkness challenged the US government claims of certainty and later were vindicated, by among other things a June 2021 finding by that it was our allies fighting the Assad government and not the Assad government that wit 96 % certainty were the parties responsible for the horrific war crime. This show recounts not one, not two major, but a half dozen falsehoods that John Kerry promoted during his 9/3/13 testimony under oath.

This show presents the evidence for this claim and invites you to critically evaluate its merit. Yet Kerry and mainstream media have never publicly taken accountability for these false claims to this day. Think about it the Pentagon Papers proves we were lied to about Vietnam. The Afghan Papers prove we were lied to for 20 years in Afghanistan. You know about the Iraqi lies that took us to war there and we could go on. But tonight, we take a deep dive into government lies followed by no accountability and suggest we be careful in believing everything we think about Russia regarding the Russian invasion based on a long track record of misrepresenting the truth to the good Us public citizenry.

So, this week we switch to trying to determine who and what to believe in these informational wars. And in that vein, we visit the integrity, or the lack thereof, of what we are told by our government and what history has consistently revealed. Don’t Be Late!