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Posted on: February 6, 2022
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Bringing Light into the Geopolitical Context of the Ukraine Crisis & Do all Nations Have the Right to National Security?

The US borders areas are secure from foreign enemy and missile attacks. Is Russia an aggressor nation or does it seek the national security it feels it is losing? Investigative journalist Mike Whitney joins Bringing Light Into Darkness to reflect on his recent article What Putin Wants, and a number of other questions as well.

What is at play in the geopolitics of US NATO actions in Ukraine and the Russian response?

We hear the stated motivations of all the countries involved but are there other more likely motivations that make more sense when we examine the geopolitics and the behavior of all parties past and present?

Is our policy to deter or provoke Russia into an attack of Ukraine?

If ‘defensive’ missile systems in Poland and Romania are interchangeable with offensive nuclear armed missile systems should Russia be concerned?

Would bringing Ukraine into NATO violate any US signed agreements?

Do all countries have an inviolable right to seek national security as long as it does not endanger the national security of other countries?

What are the parameters and signatories of the Minsk Treaty and who is promoting and who is inhibiting the actualization of the Peace plan?

What type of rules-based order prioritizes the rights of some countries over others?

What country has routinely broken treaties and broken WTO rules through sanctioning of other countries that do not follow its lead.

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