Bringing Light Into Darkness – Mon, 1/31 @ 6 PM

Posted on: January 31, 2022
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Bringing to Light Important Evidence that has been suppressed from US Public Awareness by Mainstream Medias Regarding the Ukaine – NATO – US- Russia Ongoing Crisis

We are told that a Russia attack on Ukraine is imminent, and the US is portrayed as simply responding to that imminent attack and is therefore arming Ukraine to the teeth as we move US NATO forces to the European theater. Author and investigative journalist Dee Knight joins Bringing Light Into Darkness (BLID) as BLID continues its reporting on the Ukraine-NATO-US-Russian crisis.

The pre-US led 2014 coup decision by the Ukraine government to seek aid from Russia instead of the EU due to better terms and the US efforts to scuttle the Nordstream pipeline are explored in some depth to provide important context. Important issues that may point to motive that are largely neglected by our mainstream media, or may provide potential US motivations for provoking a Russian invasion into Ukraine are discussed with our guest and include:

1. Does the fact there is an interest to sell more American fracked gas to Europe and supplant the Russian market share provide motive for the US to push Russia towards war in order to provide ‘cause’ for sanctioning the Nordstream oil pipeline project as well as provide a US incentive to accuse Russia of threatening to invade Ukraine?

2. Why have the encouraging talks to end the Civil War between Ukraine, Russia Germany and France that occurred just last week in which an agreement that this conflict is being deescalated by recognizing the autonomy of the eastern part of Ukraine under a federated arrangement but would remain part of Ukraine not being more widely reported?

3. Why does the US public not hear about how in April 2021 NATO backed a Ukrainian offensive in its Civil War against eastern separatists and that is what prompted Russia to move more forces to the border to signal that it would defend its allies? Instead Russia is portrayed as the sole aggressor.

4. Why are reports that Russian border troop reports of 70-90 thousand troops, that have been consistently at that level for the past 8 years, why has that not been reported in the MSM?

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