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Posted on: January 24, 2022
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Tonight Bringing Light Into Darkness (BLID) presents the perspective of the Russia, Ukraine-US-NATO conflict that has been intentionally neglected by US media and the US State Department spokespersons.

A court case in which only one side has the opportunity to present evidence and make its argument is what leads us into war conflict after war conflict in which only later its criminality is revealed. However, tonight we not only restate the US narrative position but offer the perspective of the other side of the conflicting parties’ perspectives. We are joined by special guest Russell Bentley, a 7yr veteran of the Donetsk Seperatist forces. Dr MLK said we were ‘strange liberators’ and urged us to consider ‘the other perspective before making judgments such as, “Who are the real aggressors in Ukraine? ”

Please see the show description below and join BLID at 6pm CST tonight at as our guest a former US Army veterah shares his experiences on the ground in Donetsk People’d Republic of the past 7 years…. And thanks for passing on notice of this important show content.

The Perspective of a Donetsk Separatist vs the Worthiness of the US Govt Narrative

We ask everyone to step outside their thinking and emotions about the conflict between US and NATO and Ukraine government on the one side and ask you to consider what must Russia and the separatist declared republics of Donetsk, Luhansk and Crimea on the other side be thinking. We are joined by nativeTexan and Novorussian Army combat vet sinc 2014 Russell Bentley who joins BLID from the Donetsk People’s Republic formerly Southeast Ukraine.

We consider and explicate these factual elements which all have been practically ignored by US mainstream media.

1. We claim Ukraine is a sovereign nation that is entitled to make independent sovereign choices regarding whether it wants to join NATO or not. However, what is ignored in this framing is that we illegally overthrew their elected government in 2014 and installed a government that is loyal not to Ukrainian majority pop. interests first but to US dictates.

2. That Russia has national security interests and has a right and duty to its citizens to respond to real national security threats.

3. That in Luhansk, Donetsk & Crimea some 80% voted for the President we couped out

4. That following the US February 2014 coup came an enormous empowering of Neo-Nazi ideologists as government cabinet appointments that for the first time since the end of WWII resulted in a European government being riddled with neo-Nazi sympathizers that moved quickly to outlaw the Russian language, relegated ethnic Russians to second class citizens, and characterized them as “insects” that should be exterminated.

5. That while six million jews were ‘exterminated’ by Nazi Germany in WWII the Russians lost more than four times than number in their decisive role in the defeat of the Nazis in WWII and that the coup brought back to the doorstep of Russian border not only regular NATO exercises but also ‘flag waving’ Neo Nazi forces of the same ilk that killed 25 million Russians barely a generation ago.

6. That on May 2, 2014, amidst other right wing military attacks, over 40 opponents of the coup regime protesting the coup of just three months earlier were killed in the Odessa Trade Union House when neo-Nazi fascists set fire to the building and prevented the victims from leaving while post-coup ‘police’ looked on. It is suggested that this was a great impetus for the separatist movements in Donetsk, Luhansk and Crimea and helped explain the overwhelming margins of victory in their individual voting referendums that were also ignored by our media.

Please join us tonight! ‘Pgatos 1/24/2022