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Posted on: December 27, 2021
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Is Russia Being the Aggressor or the Enemy of the Aggressor?
US foreign policy since the turn of the century is reviewed. The reemergence of neo-Nazism in a European post WWII government is a result of a US enabled coup in Ukraine. Meanwhile our foreign policy outcome completely reversed the fortunes of Libyans and has brought back slavery to Libya post 2011. When you combine preinvasion sanctions with the 2003 US led invasion in Iraq the result of our foreign policy is more than a million Iraqis dead. The Syrian and Yemen interventions backed by US support has cost additional hundreds of thousands of deaths and two huge humanitarian disasters leading to millions of refugees. And when you account for the sanctions that the US has imposed upon more than one-third of the world’s population the result is the responsibility for killing hundreds of thousands more fellow human beings.
When it came to Syria, Russia said enough is enough. Yet most US citizens believe the world’s greatest threat to human rights is Russia, and Vladimir Putin rather examining our own foreign policy outcomes and human rights record throughout the world. What is our geopolitical end game in the Ukraine that our policies are promoting? What would any leader do if its country’s national security was being nearly completely compromised?
Join us tonight as special guest Mike Whitney, investigative journalist, and geopolitical analyst, leads our discussion and provides insightful analysis for consideration as we try to seek to honestly sort out propaganda from reasonable understandings based on an honest interpretation of history. We also examine the real world geopolitical national security interests that all nations are entitled to and expected to seek out on behalf of their fellow citizens. We also challenge whether our foreign policy seeks to promote democracy or maintain and expand a false perception that we are the exceptional leader of the world rather than examine our own track record and question if it more closely resembles imperial desires to dominate the world’s economy as the self-declared world’s unipolar power.
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