Bringing Light Into Darkness – Mon, 12/13 @ 6 PM

Posted on: December 13, 2021
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Honduran Elections & Human Rights Under US Friendly Governments Since 2009 & Whether Summit for Democracy is a Summit for Hypocrisy

With special guest Simon Elliot with the Center for Policy Research: His research interests include social movements, elections, and US intervention in Latin America. He holds both a B.A. in Political Science and Spanish and an M.P.A from Clark University.

Our show focus is on the difference of NPR and Bringing Light Into Darkness (BLID) as they each cover US foreign policy influences. We suggest that compared to NPR, BLID provides the light that they miss by bringing you historical context that they generally leave out and without which it becomes difficult or impossible to get close to the truth. For instance, they uncritically report this past week promoting the 12/9 & 10th, Summit for Democracy as a virtual summit hosted by the United States to renew democracy at home and confront autocracies abroad and its three themes are defending against authoritarianism, addressing, and fighting corruption, and advancing respect for human rights.

BLID suggests one simple question that is never asked regarding measuring the democratic or undemocratic influence our foreign policy projects: “Are you better off now or before our US foreign policy exercised its enormous power to bring its preferred leader to power.”

While the Biden administration and the loyal Mainstream Media were celebrating the same old bipartisan canard, symbolizing that the US is good and fights evil everywhere, our show tonight explains with empirical documentation the outcomes for the majority populations in a host of countries we have intervened in this century. Haiti, Ecuador, Bolivia, Iraq, Libya, and Honduras. These measurable results in a half dozen nations reveal a hidden truth, that if democracy benefits the majority and our FP consistently disenfranchises the majority and enriches a minority than are we a democracy? Its time to take responsibility for our FP but to do so we must see it, bring light to it.

Please join us tonight as our guest Simon Elliot with the Center for Policy Research, who just returned from Honduras after observing their recent elections educates us to the election, human rights, and corruption history in Honduras and US foreign policy influences there since the 2009 US enabled coup until today. All of this in the context of the Summit for Democracy backdrop. After you listen to the show you will know what to believe and what to question regarding the Summit. Don’t be late!