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Posted on: November 20, 2021
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Our Addictive Culture, Chemical Use & Misuse and the Magical Host the Human Brain & Body, Pt II
This is part II of a series of shows entitled Our Addictive Culture, Chemical Use & Misuse, and the Magical Host the Human Brain & Body. What you will discover if you tune into Bringing Light Into Darkness this Monday 1/22/21 at 6pm CST at –
1. That the Real War on Drugs occurs every time you take a drug whether it is an aspirin, alcohol, marijuana, or a prescription drug.
2. Important insights into brain chemistry, pharmacology, and the ‘Drug Trek’ a drug takes inside the brain and/or body once ingested.
3. The role of the liver and kidneys in the metabolism and excretion phases of drug use.
4. We define the major pharmacological categories of mind-altering drugs.
5. review some of the different drug use modes of administration and the relative speed in which they reach the blood and are then delivered to the brain.
6. we discuss the brain physiology and the magical brain ecology that each one of us has between our ears.
7. we describe how with drug abuse brain cells adapt in a process called neuroadaptation.
8. we share a detailed example of the mode of action cocaine has and how with regular use neuroadaptation occurs and is the basis of physical dependence that will occur with prolonged and recurrent use.
9. basic human brain physiology and its unique capacities relative to all other living creatures’ brains is defined and explains the functionality of what distinguishes the human brain from the brains of all other species that inhabit the wonderous world we are a part of. 10. We close out the show with a short segment on the revolutionary potential of recovery and the primacy of the ‘recovery work ethic’ required, to develop the new and healthy synaptic pathways needed to supplant and replace the well-worn ruts of addictive behaviors and addictive thinking that recovery seeks to overcome.