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Posted on: November 15, 2021
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How We are Blinded from the History of the Oppressive Nature of ‘Free Trade’

Democracy implies equal access to material success where success, as a head of household, is defined as providing a decent quality of life for your family. If you work hard enough measurable success and a decent quality of life will be yours. There is no reason that all families and their head of households cannot provide a viable and fairly comfortable quality of life for its next generation.

Tonight’s show juxtaposes ‘Free Trade vs Fair Trade’ and in doing so describes for listeners the backdrop, the world environment if you will that each of us are born into and find ourselves placed, through no volition of our own. It is a roll of the die that I am born into a wealthy or non-wealthy family system which then seals the probability of success or lack of success much more than my own personal responsibility or irresponsibility in pursuit of it.

We describe that it is the profitability and privilege that ‘Free Trade’ affords a small minority, and that ‘Fair Trade’ would eliminate such an undeserved and unfair advantage. Yet how is it that our culture promotes so successfully that it is Free Trade that is natural and inevitable, which is a big lie? That instead, because of Free Trade astounding inequality in wealth distribution has a long time ago emerged and reproduced itself in a way that has wrought unnecessary rates of poverty and misery worldwide.

Tonight’s show first defines these staggering levels of wealth inequality that make such a dream to provide for your family an unrealizable pipe dream for the majority populations of our country and the world.
We briefly but importantly bring to light: the empirical facts and proof:

1. That the concentration of media ownership, inherent in such levels of wealth inequality, that long ago abandoned the representation of ‘free press’ independent of gross influence by outside forces and how it has promoted ‘the abandonment of reason and critical thinking’. And that the inordinate rates of poverty it creates also creates with it significant losses of life expectancy

2. of how such wealth accumulation and the great wealth divide come to be. What enabled such a reality and how did we get there as a human species? We do so by recounting the colonization of the ‘New World’ by European and then burgeoning US imperial domination following the 1823 Monroe Doctrine

3. of how in the evolution of ‘Free Trade’ colonialism evolved into neocolonialism and along the way provided the substrate of ‘oppression’ that built the fortunes of the ‘international power structure’ European and US states off the backs of ‘others.’

4. Specifically, how Central America in particular, eventually became an appendage of US foreign policy hegemony as it paved the way & provided a cash cow for US multinational interests, while generating the violent environment that remains the real unaddressed stimulus for what we call the ‘immigration crisis’