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Posted on: October 18, 2021
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Deconstructing the US Manufactured False Perceptions About US Foreign Policy in Syria and its 10-year Military Conflict.

A history of US foreign policy in Syria and our media complicity in generating false US public perceptions surrounding Syria are challenged. Special guest and award-winning investigative journalist Mile Whitney joins Bringing Light Into Darkness to deconstruct the following premises and accusations.

1. The unchallenged premise that Assad started the conflict in 2011 as a result of Assad’s repression of democratic protests ln 2011 and that the US only then got involved in its foreign policy efforts to replace the Syrian government
2. That Assad was gassing his own people in March 2013 at Khan al Assal and again just months later in the August 21, 2013, much more deadly El Ghouta gas attacks that Secretary of State John Kerry claimed with absolute certainty was executed by Assad government.
3. That the Syrian conflict was a civil war between Syrians, and
4. We were supporting moderate rebels within that context
5. That Assad was profoundly unpopular, and the majority Syrian population wished him to be replaced. And only through repression does Assad stay in power.

Instead, what we detail, and document is shocking. Namely that the backbone of military resistance to Assad were not Syrians but terrorist foreign fighters organized and armed by US and its Gulf monarchy allies. That we had never prioritized a war on terror but instead have enabled and enlisted terrorists as our allies in the pursuit to overthrow Assad. That the Syrian public knows that and supports Assad. All of this which is documented by polling we share during the show. That we started it, not Assad when it comes to how US foreign policy has been interfering in the internal affairs of Syria decades before the 2011 protests and in contradiction to what President Obama words in his 2015 UN General Assembly speech suggest.

Don’t be played any longer when it comes to Syria. Tune in tonight and find out how we have been getting played.

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