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Posted on: September 26, 2021
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The Other 9-11 (1973): The US Assassination of Salvador Allende & Methods revealed within the US Foreign Policy Toolkit of Subversion

Chilean born Ricardo Venegas shares his Latin American expertise and experiences growing up in post-coup Chile and the history surrounding the rise of Salvador Allende and the Popular Unity Party despite US foreign policy of destabilizing the democratic will of the Chilean people.

Tonight’s show describes how US foreign policy and the techniques it utilized, would forbid the elected president of Chile, Salvador Allende from carrying out the mandates of the collective interests of the majority population. Henry Kissinger led the US foreign policy efforts that led to the overthrow Allende in a 9/11/1973 coup, the goal and mission of which was not to protect democracy but to betray it by instead protecting the interests behind a billion dollars of US investment in Chile.

Kissinger oversaw and largely directed a US foreign policy that included “the CIA penetrating virtually every sector of Chilean life throughout the society”. With respect to the subversion and penetration of Chilean labor movement: “In cooperation with and often under cover supplied by the AFL-CIO, the CIA had infiltrated the labor movement…108 leaders of the white-collar trade associations received training in the US from the American Institute of Free Labor Development (AIFLD) an agency that according to former CIA agent Phillip Agee was set up by the AFL-CIO under the control of the CIA.” “Other funds went into support of strikes and demonstrations that plagued the Allende regime”, including, “In 1972 the organizers of the Confederation of Truck Owners strike also receiving CIA money, in order to allow them to pay strike benefits during the 26-day nationwide truck strike,“ that paralyzed the economy.

Additionally, “CIA operatives had bought their way into the local press; the country’s largest newspaper El Mercurio, was a regular recipient of CIA funds. Other operatives maintained regular liaison with the Chilean military and police services.” In April 1971 the CIA funded the fascist group, Patria y Libertad which began “stepping up a campaign of sabotaging factory equipment to hobble the economy.”

All of the above subversive US invasions of the Chilean civil society are documented by Robert Borosage and John Marks in their 1976 book The CIA File and are all elements of what Brazilian ‘think tank’ head, Dr Glycon de Paiva described in a late 1973 Washington Post interview as, “the recipe exists, and you can bake the cake anytime.” Today we continue to bake and improve the illegal and undemocratic recipe.

On some seven different occasions payments that together totaled more than $1m, between 9/8/1970 and 7/6/1971, authorized by the Kissinger led “Committee of 40” to subvert the Chilean electoral process. Monies were authorized in support of opposition candidates to the Popular Unity Party, particularly the Christian Democratic Party.

Pgatos 9/27/2021

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