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Posted on: August 16, 2021
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The Afghan Papers and the Real Cost of the Afghan War reveal a long Pattern of Government Media Lies and Omissions: Myth of Women’s Rights Progress; Cost of War- US Casualties, Suicide Rates, Privatizing War, and Does War as an Economic Windfall explain its Real Motive?

Over $2.2T is the estimated cost of the longest war in US history, the Afghan War. These monies are largely unaccounted for, and we reveal where does it go. The Afghan Papers,12/9/19 Washington Post article At War with the Truth, by Craig Whitlock is reviewed and reveals a concerted effort to intentionally mislead the US public by high government and military officials just as had been done in Vietnam and was done concurrently in Iraq and Libya. A long list of sourced quotes is presented to verify this reality. It is hard to escape the reasonable conclusion that this deceit to promote US foreign policy interventions is the nature of rather than an aberration of our dominant informational sources. Our guest Matthew Hoh served in Iraq and in Afghanistan as a Marine as well as served in our US State Department joins us as we reveal how war makes money for a small elite as we also detail the costs in human suffering to our veterans put in harm’s way. Suicide rates, the privatizing of military operations line the pockets of some while millions have perished in the countries, we have intervened in.

Meanwhile, mainstream media push false narratives that we have worked so hard to promote women’s rights and now the Taliban will reverse all of that rather than the truth of history that you will learn if you tune in such as in US supported Afghan government-controlled areas 70-80% of Afghan Women are forcibly married, a majority of which are children. Some 80% of suicides are by women again in government-controlled areas. Yes, in the very rich neighborhoods less that 5% of Afghanistan women’s rights have improved, but it is only there. Yet those are the ones already being trotted out onto mainstream medias such as CNN and NPR to speak about and create this false image that there is this great reversal of women’s rights due to our military withdrawal.

Our well informed and studied guest, Matt Hoh provides an array of important insights and reminds us why if you want to get much closer to the truth you are well-advised to tune into Bringing Light Into Darkness every Monday night at 6-7pm CST on 91.7 FM in Austin Texas and through on the worldwide web, if you do not want to be played by our major media again and again.

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n pursuit of social justice & Siempre fieles, Pgatos 8/16/2021 If you are not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed and loving the people who are doing the oppressing. Malcolm X