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Posted on: July 5, 2021
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Independence Day and What are we Fighting for? Examining our post WWII Foreign Policy results and the integrity of the Intel/Government ‘War on Terror’ claims.

Independence Day symbolizes worldwide the success of the American revolution and the independence from the tyranny of the British crown. We examine post WWII US foreign policy interventions and discover a disturbing but common theme consistent from Vietnam, Iraq, Libya, Ukraine, Syria, (Yemen) and the result of millions of deaths and tens of millions displaced persons. Yet most American citizens have been indoctrinated to believe the greatest problem facing peace on earth is the aggression or human rights violations of ‘other nations’. On Independence Day weekend we critically examine the integrity of the US stated, ‘war on terror’. We examine the politics and history connecting all these themes with special guest and distinguished investigative journalist Mike Whitney.

Please tune in weekly to Bringing Light into Darkness, as this week we seek to examine and bring ‘honest light’ to the increasing threat to promotion of war between the West and Russia. We critically consider whether it is US led NATO provocations or is it ‘Russian aggression’ that bears greater responsibility for pushing the world towards a potential WWIII scenario.

We invite you to juxtapose the ‘image making’ created by mainstream media and our government claims, to the documented contradictions BLID brings to you each week for your considerations. Please join us as we seek to get at the truth of manmade generated forms of misery and build understandings towards dismantling different forms of oppression through revealing behaviors and outcomes that are contrary to social justice and fairness yet are routinely absent from mainstream news generated ‘closed universe of discourse’. Please pass on your comments and critical reflections to the email address below.

In pursuit of social justice & Siempre fieles,
Pgatos 7/5/2021

If you are not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed and loving the people who are doing the oppressing. – Malcolm X