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Posted on: June 6, 2021
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Truth.vs.Lies - pedro gatos

Syria & US Foreign Policy: Decimating a Number of Fabricated Myths that Promote False Understandings & Lack of Accountablity. You Be the Judge!

Bringing Light Into Darkness guest Dan Kovalik – lawyer, author expert on international human right recently returned from a delegation visit to Syria from May 22- May 29, 2021. This period covered the May 26, 2021, reelection of Bashar Assad.

The focus of our show is on his 5/31/21 article: Syria’s truly been a site for World War, their vote for peace and against foreign interference must be respected -. We decimate several commonly held myths that we have been inculcated to falsely believe by our one-sided mainstream media presentation of Syria and US foreign policy motivations. The following myths are deconstructed through historical fact-based data presented during the show.

Myth 1: The Syrian conflict was a Civil War led by “moderate rebels”.

Myth 2: Per President Obama, it was “Assad that started it” in 2011 with his brutal suppression of democratic protests that led to US involvement in trying to oust President Bashar Assad form his presidency.

Myth 3: Assad is a dictator with minimal public support amongst Syrians.

Myth 4: That with absolute Certainty Assad has been gassing his own people.

Myth 5: The US Foreign Policy interest in Occupying Syria is to repel ISIS & Al Qaeda

Other questions addressed. Is this a US War on Terrorists or a War of Terrorists? If it were not for the intervention by the US led West would there ever have been such a protracted 10 year war that has gone on in Syria and resulted in some 500 thousand deaths? Why and how were terrorists from around the world landing in opposition ranks to the Assad government who have confiscated passports from terrorists and foreign mercenaries from some 84 countries?

As MLK said our foreign policy is a reflection of the character of our nation. As US citizens we have a right to the truth, and we all are collectively responsible for the objective outcomes of our US government foreign policy. We cannot reel in the damages of a foreign policy that we do not see or know. Please tune in weekly to Bringing Light into Darkness, and you will know and see.

Siempre fieles, Pgatos 6/7/2021 If you are not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed and loving the people who are doing the oppressing. Malcolm X