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Posted on: June 12, 2021
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What if the Hegemony of the US Dollar Essentially Allows the US to Dictate what International Law Is & Use Sanctions to Squash Dissent?

Bringing Light Into Darkness guest Stan Smith – investigative journalist and publisher of the AFGJ Venezuela and ALBA Weekly News for the past seven years, whose primary focus has been on US intervention in Latin America joins us tonight (6/14/21).

The focus of the show is on an important but well-hidden dimension of US foreign policy influence on the countries of the world. It is the combination of the dominant role and influence of more than 75% of international trade being negotiated through either the US dollar or Euro, while barely 2% or less is in Chinese currency, and the use of US sanctions as a foreign policy tool to often coerce other countries’ internal policies. As our guest explains, when you combine other US allied countries in NATO and Australia it adds up to more than 90% of all international trade taking place with these currencies. Secondly, what if the US has the power and exerts the power to unilaterally sanction and cutoff 1/3 of the world’s population and their governments from the freedom to trade with countries of their choice unless they change their economic policies to suit the United States?

Essentially what if we live in a world in which international law is essentially whatever the US decides it is due to the monopoly like power the dominance of the US dollar in the world has? Please join us as our guest Stanfield Smith leads us in an explication of this hidden power that the US has and uses to exert its foreign policy interests throughout the world. We cannot reel in the damages of a foreign policy that we do not see or know. Please tune in weekly to Bringing Light into Darkness, as we seek to bring ‘honest light’ to what we all need to know and see.

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