KOOP Radio Interview with Andres Arauz, Next President of Ecuador?

Posted on: April 11, 2021
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Bringing Light Into Darkness (Mondays at 6 p.m.) combines KOOP Radio Interviews of Ecuador President (Leading Candidate) & Former Ecuador UN Ambassador vs US Backed Leader’s Policies of Repression & ‘Lawfare’ & the Quality-of-Life Improvements for the Majority of Ecuadorans that he Reversed

With special guests Andres Arauz & Guilllaume (from archived BLID shows). ‘Lawfare’ is defined as an evolutionary tool in the US foreign policy toolbox of techniques used to subvert the prioritizing of the majority population’s quality of life to the interests of multinational corporate investment needs. Special guests are featured from previously aired shows as 4/11/21/election results for the President of Ecuador are being finalized.

Andres Arauz who in February received the greatest share of votes, but was just shy of avoiding a runoff, was interviewed on KOOP Radio back on 10/14/19. Economist, Andres Arauz was a Senior Research Fellow Center for Economic Research (CEPR) and a former Minister of Knowledge of Ecuador and a former Central Bank General Director during Ecuadoran President Rafael Correa’s administration.

Guillaume Long, interviewed on BLID back on 8/10/20 held several cabinet positions in the government of Ecuador, including Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Culture, Minister of Knowledge and Human Talent, and most recently, serving as Ecuador’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations in Geneva under both President Correa and the Lenin Moreno Admin before resigning in protest.

Andres was on BLID during the midst of great unrest and brutal repression of that dissent and now is poised to become Ecuador’s new president. Guillaume describes the term lawfare which has been utilized successfully to circumvent the voting preferences of the majority people by eliminating their favored candidates from eligibility through ‘lawfare’. This show provides a historically contexted and indices documented overview of the majority population’s quality of life improvements or quality of life compromises as they are connected to governments favored or disliked by Washington.
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