Bringing Light Into Darkness – Mon, 3/1 @ 6 PM

Posted on: February 24, 2021
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Deconstructing, on its 10th Anniversary, US Foreign Policy PR’ Propagandizing which Prompted Unjust Libyan ‘Humanitarian Intervention’: In our final Black History & State of Black America celebration show, the 6th in our series of conscious raising shows around systemic racism & oppression, we feature the distinguished research findings of Dr Alan Kuperman of the University of Texas. Dr Kuperman’s research findings brought light into the darkness of the false claims that led us to unjust NATO invasion of Libya ten years ago by contradicting the false ‘humanitarian intervention’ narrative that the US Obama government and mainstream media successfully promoted. Instead, our foreign policy intervention resulted in the opposite, another humanitarian disaster, highlighted by a return of slavery and the enabling of al Qaeda.

Dr Kuperman documented ahead of the 2011 US led NATO overthrow of the Libyan government that “In fact the uprising from the first day as armed, militant and led by veterans of al Qaeda in northeastern Libya.” … “the uprising was led, initiated, spearheaded by al Qaeda veterans.” And that Gaddafi’s Libyan airstrikes specifically targeted these insurgents and NOT civilians.

Last week before ending our show with a Libya focus, we detailed the false narrative promoted by the Hill Knowlton PR firm as an important component of misleading the US public to support the 1st Gulf War against Iraq. We also shared the false narrative promoted by the US government and swallowed whole without dissent by mainstream media (MSM) that lead us to the unjust 2003 invasion in Iraq. It is in that context that we examine the US government and MSM misrepresentations that led to the unjust overthrow of the Libyan government in 2011. If we do not become historically literate to the truths of our past interventions than we are much more likely to be played like chumps again today and tomorrow.

Please join us tonight as we continue, this time through the research of Dr Alan Kuperman, to bring light into the darkness of the deceit our government and mainstream media so routinely have concocted that preceded our histories of US foreign policy intervention in order to reduce its opposition.
‘Trust but verify’ demands responsibility and accountability by an informed electorate. Please join us tonight as we seek to help contribute to building such an informed US public.
Siempre fieles, Pgatos 3/1/2021