Party Stains – A Weekly Update From Stronger Than Dirt

Posted on: January 13, 2021
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Some FEATURED ARTISTS on this week’s Stronger Than Dirt (Saturday, 8-10pm) include the Monks, Captain Groovy and His Bubblegum Army, the Lurkers, Mission of Burma, the Clean, Le Tigre, April March, the Cool Greenhouse, new music by the Osees (LA), Attic Ted (San Marcos TX), the Staffers (DC), the Smarts (Australia), and the Permits (Australia), as well as the weekly Dusty Diamond.

PICTURE SLEEVE OF THE WEEK: Captain Groovy and His Bubblegum Army were a studio project of Jerry Kasenetz and Jeff Katz, the bubblegum pop production team behind Super K Records. The “band” included Joey Levine of the Ohio Express on vocals. The Song “Captain Groovy and His Bubbegum Army” was released in 1969, and was intended to be part of a cartoon series that never got off the ground. It was released in the States on Super K Records in a Buddah Records company sleeve. In Europe, it was released by Hansa, a German label, and came with the picture sleeve below. The cover art was by Jack Davis, who was known for his work with Mad Magazine. The name of the song was shortened to “Captain Groovy’s Bubblegum Army,” possibly out of space considerations.

LAST WEEK’S DUSTY DIAMOND (a forgotten gem from the STD vaults): Los Cincos were an LA area “garage” band with great stylistic diversity, including garage, surf, psychedelic and indie pop influences. They had several releases in the mid to late 90s, including three with April March. “Kissing at the Carnival” falls squarely in the garage camp with its catchy, dance-y mid-tempo party vibe. It appeared in 1996 on their “The Five Deadly Sins” album on Sympathy for the Record Industry. Listen to it below:

This week’s promo art from Le Tigre’s 2000 “From the Desk of Mr. Lady” EP on Mr. Lady Records.