Kimberly Jones & BLM: Are We Missing the Big Picture by Asking the Wrong Questions? – BLID – Mon, 1/11 @ 6 PM

Posted on: January 11, 2021
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Tonight’s Bringing Light Into Darkness show at 6pm is dedicated to an appreciation of Kimberly Jones for her fearless critique of the status quo from a BLM perspective. We suggest you familiarize yourself with the content of claims made by Kimberly Jones in her 6-minute video on twitter, that went viral, the last minute and a half of which was featured to close out the 6/7/20 John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight show. She speaks about the BLM protests, racial inequality and police brutality and the mainstream media’s misleading portrayal of BLM and the protests by asking all the wrong questions and that by asking the wrong questions we are therefore not focusing on the most important issues. We honor her concerns and expand on her questions and her suggested foci. Including:

1. She questions “So when they say, “Why do you burn down the community? Why do you burn down your own neighborhood?” It’s (because it is) not ours. We don’t own anything.” “for 400 years, we played your game and built your wealth.”

2. Our show tonight also expands on Ms. Jones’ explanation of why do some protestors chose to “burn down their own neighborhoods’ by sharing an excerpt Malcolm X speech addressing the same subject.

3. We address the questions she provokes: where did all the wealth come from? Who built the wealth of the ages? What role did slavery play in creating not just the racial wealth divide in our country but globally? How did the international power-structure accumulate its wealth & what is the rate of world wealth inequality? How did it become our reality? This show addresses this issue by detailing the historical manifestations that created such extreme levels of wealth inequality.

4. A Third segment of the show tonight focuses on whether the same wrong questions being asked or not asked, regarding the media portrayal of the Capital protests and irresponsible behaviors of Donald Trump administration in responding to the breaching of Capital security by the protestors last week is distracting us from the real problems of our nation.