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Virtual Noise is Austin's only music broadcast focusing on Progressive Rock from around the world. Blending many progressive musical styles (typically with rock-and-roll) spanning the last 45+ years all the way to the present day in intricate, musically intense and experimental ways, Virtual Noise is a mind-bending experience!

Each Sunday at 5:30-7:00 pm (central time) Virtual Noise exposes the listener to the many forms of adventurous music collectively known as Progressive Rock (a.k.a. Prog). This includes a wide variety of sub-genres such as Symphonic prog, Proto-progNeo-progHeavy progPsychedelic (a.k.a. psych)/Space-rock, Eclectic progCanterburyAvant-prog/Rock-In-Opposition (a.k.a. RIO)Zeuhl, KrautrockChamber-progRock Progressivo Italiano (a.k.a. RPI). We also venture outward, playing music from related genres such as Crossover progJazz-Rock/Fusion, Progressive Metal, Experimental/Post-MetalArt-Rock/Prog-related, Progressive Folk-rock, Ambient/Progressive Electronic, Post-rock/Math-rock, and more including occasional excursions"outside the box" such as these categories we just made up: "New Directions" (possible futures of prog), "Nu-Jazz/Not-Jazz" (trad. jazz styles mixed with electronics), "Pop goes the Prog" (Is it pop or prog?), "WtF?" (head-turning, unclassifiable weirdness), "Local Yokels" (Austin artists of interest), and the beloved category "It's Prog Jim, just not as we know it." (prog influences where you might not expect).

For playlists, click on the Playlists tab above or, for the most up-to-date posting, go to Radioactivity.


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Your humble hosts,
"Yer Progressive Cowboy" and "The Perfessor"

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Virtual Noise

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The Great Marsh

The Snow Goose

Sun, 2/11/18 - 11:31 pm Album | Track

Isildur's Bane

Xenolith (excerpt)

Off the Radar

Mon, 2/5/18 - 12:58 am Album | Track

Ain Soph

A Story of Mysterious Forest

A Story of Mysterious Forest

Mon, 2/5/18 - 12:39 am Album | Track

L'Albero del Veleno

Un Altro Giorno Di Terrore

Le Radici Del Male

Mon, 2/5/18 - 12:34 am Album | Track

Hollow Earth

Beyond the Ivory Gate

Out of Atlantis

Mon, 2/5/18 - 12:14 am Album | Track


Match of the Day

Spot the Pigeon (EP)

Mon, 2/5/18 - 12:11 am Album | Track


Round Goes the Gossip

Focus III

Mon, 2/5/18 - 12:03 am Album | Track


Destroy The World We Love

The Unravelling

Sun, 2/4/18 - 11:57 pm Album | Track



Worlds Apart

Sun, 2/4/18 - 11:51 pm Album | Track


In Memoriam

The Mountain

Sun, 2/4/18 - 11:47 pm Album | Track

Teru's Symphonia

Tears for a Hermit

Egg the Universe

Sun, 2/4/18 - 11:41 pm Album | Track


First Light

Rain Dances

Sun, 2/4/18 - 11:32 pm Album | Track

Jethro Tull

No Lullaby

Heavy Horses

Mon, 1/29/18 - 12:51 am Album | Track



Stained Glass Stories

Mon, 1/29/18 - 12:35 am Album | Track


Canto Del Capro


Mon, 1/29/18 - 12:29 am Album | Track

Daniel Denis

Les Portes

Les Eaux Troubles

Mon, 1/29/18 - 12:22 am Album | Track

Helios Creed

Alien Lady

Busting Through the Van Allen Belt

Mon, 1/29/18 - 12:13 am Album | Track




Sun, 1/28/18 - 11:58 pm Album | Track


Sun, 1/28/18 - 11:44 pm Album | Track


Voice of Sankhara

Uchinaru Koe Ni Kaiki Seyo

Sun, 1/28/18 - 11:32 pm Album | Track


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