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logo: Off Stage and On the AirJoin Lisa and Nicole as they talk about theatre around the country (and the world) and hear lively conversations with some of Austin's best theatre companies.

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Off Stage and on the Air

Artist Title Album Play timesort ascending

Anastacia Mc Cleskey, Annie Golden, Joshua Henry, Sutton Foster & Colin Donnell

Lonely Stranger

Violet (Original Broadway Cast Recording)

Wed, 9/20/17 - 6:34 pm Album | Track

Original Broadway Cast of Groundhog Day, Andy Karl & Tim Minchin


Groundhog Day The Musical (Original Broadway Cast Recording)

Wed, 9/20/17 - 6:20 pm Album | Track

Britton Smith, Akron Watson, Juson Williams, Rebecca Naomi Jones, Carla Duren & Fortress Ensemble

I'm Busy Now (So Don't Bother Me) / Act One Finale

The Fortress of Solitude (Original Cast Recording)

Wed, 9/20/17 - 6:01 pm Album | Track

Josh Grisetti


It Shoulda Been You (Original Broadway Cast Recording)

Wed, 9/13/17 - 6:59 pm Album | Track

Aaron Tveit, Adam Chanler-Berat, Alice Ripley, J. Robert Spencer, Jennifer Damiano, Louis Hobson & Next to Normal Cast

Just Another Day

Next to Normal

Wed, 9/13/17 - 6:55 pm Album | Track

Tom Wopat & Aaron Tveit

Butter Outta Cream

Catch Me If You Can (Original Broadway Cast Recording / 2011)

Wed, 9/13/17 - 6:45 pm Album | Track

James Barry & Benjamin Walker

Rock Star

Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson (Original Cast Recording)

Wed, 9/13/17 - 6:25 pm Album | Track

Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Random Number Generation

Hedwig and the Angry Inch (Original Cast Recording)

Wed, 9/13/17 - 6:01 pm Album | Track

Katherine Hepburn

The Money Rings Out Like Freedom

Coco (1970 Original Broadway Cast Recording)

Wed, 9/6/17 - 6:59 pm Album | Track

Original Cast Recording

No Me Diga

In the Heights (Original Cast Recording)

Wed, 9/6/17 - 6:55 pm Album | Track

My Fair Lady - Original Broadway Cast

Just You Wait

My Fair Lady (Original Broadway Cast)

Wed, 9/6/17 - 6:43 pm Album | Track

Original Cast of the Bedroom Window


The Bedroom Window

Wed, 9/6/17 - 6:37 pm Album | Track

Megan Mullally, Andrea Martin, Christopher Fitzgerald & Ensemble


Young Frankenstein - The New Mel Brooks Musical

Wed, 9/6/17 - 6:25 pm Album | Track

See What I Wanna See Original Cast

Big Money

See What I Wanna See (Original Cast Recording)

Wed, 9/6/17 - 6:01 pm Album | Track

Sister Rosetta Tharpe & The Sammy Price Trio

Didn't It Rain

The Gospel of the Blues (Remastered)

Wed, 8/30/17 - 6:45 pm Album | Track

Original London Cast of Moby Dick

People Build Walls

Moby Dick (Original London Cast Recording)

Wed, 8/30/17 - 6:39 pm Album | Track

Allan Sherman

Harvey and Sheila

My Son, the Celebrity [My Son, the Box]

Wed, 8/30/17 - 6:24 pm Album | Track

Lin-Manuel Miranda & Original Broadway Cast of Hamilton


Hamilton (Original Broadway Cast Recording)

Wed, 8/30/17 - 6:01 pm Album | Track

Serial Killer Barbie Cast

Perfect (feat. Marti Maley, Kacey Coppola Morreale & Katy Jacoby)

Serial Killer Barbie: The Musical (Original Cast Recording)

Wed, 8/16/17 - 6:58 pm Album | Track

Lesley Ann Warren & Joyce Bulifant

Bye-Yum Pum Pum

The Happiest Millionaire (Original Cast Soundtrack Album)

Wed, 8/16/17 - 6:43 pm Album | Track