Roses and Thorns

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Roses & Thorns captures the essence of the emotion of love by playing songs of love, adoration, and desire along with songs of heartbreak, disdain, unrequited love, and loneliness. A variety of musical genres are played.

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Roses and Thorns

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My Radio (AM Mix)


Mon, 2/12/18 - 5:28 pm Album | Track

Donna Summer

On the Radio


Mon, 2/12/18 - 5:25 pm Album | Track

Roy Hamilton

Let the Music Play

Let the Music Play: Black America Sings Bacharach & David

Mon, 2/12/18 - 5:23 pm Album | Track

The Libertines

Music When the Lights Go Out

The Libertines

Mon, 2/12/18 - 5:11 pm Album | Track

Mark Wirtz

I Can Hear Music

Mojo Presents: In My Room

Mon, 2/12/18 - 5:08 pm Album | Track

Matthew Sweet

Music for Love

Tomorrow Forever

Mon, 2/12/18 - 5:05 pm Album | Track

The Selecter

On My Radio

Greatest Hits

Mon, 2/12/18 - 5:02 pm Album | Track

Donna Summer

Heaven Knows

Live and More

Mon, 2/5/18 - 5:40 pm Album | Track

Leon Rausch


Close to You A 20 Song Salute to the Music of Cindy Walker

Mon, 2/5/18 - 5:37 pm Album | Track

Barrett Stong



Mon, 2/5/18 - 5:27 pm Album | Track

El Perro del Mar

I Can't Talk About It

El Perro del Mar

Mon, 2/5/18 - 5:24 pm Album | Track

Teenage Fanclub

Ain't That Enought

Songs of North Britain

Mon, 2/5/18 - 5:21 pm Album | Track

Sheer Mag

Worth the Tears


Mon, 2/5/18 - 5:17 pm Album | Track

Bonnie Prince Billy

Three Questions

Master and Everyone

Mon, 2/5/18 - 5:10 pm Album | Track


All the Beautiful Things

Hombre Lobo

Mon, 2/5/18 - 5:06 pm Album | Track

Charlie Rich

Go Ahead and Cry

Pictures and Paintings

Mon, 2/5/18 - 5:03 pm Album | Track

Neko Case

Bought and Sold

Furnace Room Lullaby

Mon, 2/5/18 - 5:01 pm Album | Track

Leon Rausch

Close to You

Close to You: The Songs of Cindy Walker

Mon, 1/29/18 - 5:59 pm Album | Track

Etta James

Lover Man

Mystery Lady: Songs of Billie Holiday

Mon, 1/29/18 - 5:52 pm Album | Track

Jefferson Starship

Count on Me


Mon, 1/29/18 - 5:48 pm Album | Track


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