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Short, fast and catchy as heck punk rock and powerful pop music. High energy music with pop hooks that are sure to rot one’s teeth. Every song is guaranteed to stick in your head until you want to pry it out with a rusty crowbar.

More info and such at the Punk Melody Time Facebook page and seldom-updated blog: punkmelodytime.blogspot.com

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Punk Melody Time

Artist Title Album Play timesort ascending

Doctor Frank and the Bye Bye Blackbirds

Population: Us


Thu, 5/1/14 - 3:36 pm Album | Track


Bridge to Hawaii


Thu, 5/1/14 - 3:33 pm Album | Track

The Feels


Dead Skin

Thu, 5/1/14 - 3:27 pm Album | Track

Dirty Blonde

Stuck i n the Dirt


Thu, 5/1/14 - 3:24 pm Album | Track

Beach Slang

Filthy Luck

Who Would Ever Want Anything so Broken

Thu, 5/1/14 - 3:22 pm Album | Track

Devon Kay and the Solutions

Toilet Drunk

Losing IT

Thu, 5/1/14 - 3:19 pm Album | Track

The Yum Yums

It Must Be Love

Play Good Music

Thu, 5/1/14 - 3:14 pm Album | Track

Teenage Bottlerocket

Ich Bin Ein Auslander Und Spreche Night Gut Deutch

American Deutsch Bag

Thu, 5/1/14 - 3:13 pm Album | Track

No Picky

Terror 8

Habitando la 82

Thu, 5/1/14 - 3:10 pm Album | Track

The Play-Offs

Pa Rette Vej

Pa Rette Vaj

Thu, 5/1/14 - 3:07 pm Album | Track


Dead End Mission

Beyond Medication

Thu, 5/1/14 - 3:00 pm Album | Track

The Fastbacks

Dirk's Car Jam

Very, Very Powerful Motor

Thu, 4/24/14 - 4:28 pm Album | Track

The Lovesores

Flamethrower Chic

Bubblegum Riot

Thu, 4/24/14 - 4:26 pm Album | Track

Year Zero


Year One

Thu, 4/24/14 - 4:23 pm Album | Track


The Signs of the Times

Perhaps You Deliver This Judgement with Greater Fear than I Receive It

Thu, 4/24/14 - 4:20 pm Album | Track



You Can Feel the Love in This Room

Thu, 4/24/14 - 4:14 pm Album | Track

The Eastern Dark

I Don't Need the Reason

Long Live the New Flesh

Thu, 4/24/14 - 4:11 pm Album | Track

The Vacant Lot


...Because They Can

Thu, 4/24/14 - 4:09 pm Album | Track

The Professionals


I Didn't See it Coming

Thu, 4/24/14 - 4:05 pm Album | Track

The Mister T Experience

Weekend in Hogboro

Making Things With Light

Thu, 4/24/14 - 4:02 pm Album | Track


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