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Pearl pays homage to the broad spectrum of down home roots music – from Birmingham to Boise. In-store songwriters and unique weekly lyrics.

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Pearl's General Store

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Southern Culture on the Skids

Let's Invite Them Over

Coutrypolitan Favorites

Fri, 4/18/14 - 11:21 am Album | Track

Kinky Friedman

Sold American

New Testaments & Old Revalations

Fri, 4/18/14 - 11:18 am Album | Track

Hacienda Brothers

Cry Like A Baby

Music For Town & Ranch

Fri, 4/18/14 - 11:12 am Album | Track

The Paladins

The Thing

Let's Buzz

Fri, 4/18/14 - 11:10 am Album | Track

Damon Fowler

Tonight the Bottle Let Me down

sugar shack

Fri, 4/18/14 - 11:05 am Album | Track

two tons of steel

Marie's the Name (of his Latest Flame)


Fri, 4/18/14 - 11:02 am Album | Track

Buck Owens


The Instrumental Hits

Fri, 4/18/14 - 11:00 am Album | Track


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