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A fun and informative look at what's happening locally and nationally in film, including interviews with area and Hollywood filmmakers and industry figures such as festival programmers, authors, and other behind-the-scenes people. Also featuring an events roundup, reviews, news, and analysis.

Robert Sims has written for, Miami New Times, the Palm Beach Daily News, Shock Till You Drop, Total Film Magazine, and What's On in London.

Email: lightscameraaus [email protected]

Twitter: @lightscameraaus

YouTube: lightscameraaustintx

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Lights, Camera, Austin

Artist Title Album Play timesort ascending

John Williams

Princess Leia's Theme

Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope OST

Thu, 12/29/16 - 2:00 pm Album | Track

Jon Bon Jovi feat. Lea Michele

Can't Turn You Loose

New Year's Eve OST

Thu, 12/22/16 - 2:59 pm Album | Track

Ramin Djawadi

Welcome to Fright Night

Fright Night OST

Thu, 12/22/16 - 2:56 pm Album | Track

Henry Mancini

Main Title: The Lifeforce Theme

Lifeforce OST

Thu, 12/22/16 - 2:54 pm Album | Track

Fred Myrow & Malcolm Seagrave

Intro and Main Title

Phantasm OST

Thu, 12/22/16 - 2:51 pm Album | Track

Public Energy

Fight the Power

Do the Right Thing OST

Thu, 12/22/16 - 2:48 pm Album | Track

Gene Wilder

Pure Imagination

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory OST

Thu, 12/22/16 - 2:41 pm Album | Track

John Williams

The Droids Are Captured

Return of the Jedi OST

Thu, 12/22/16 - 2:38 pm Album | Track

James Horner

Main Title

Battle Beyond the Stars OST

Thu, 12/22/16 - 2:36 pm Album | Track

Peter Gregon

A Little Chaos

A Little Chaos OST

Thu, 12/22/16 - 2:32 pm Album | Track

Jerry Goldsmith

Bloody Christmas

L.A. Confidential OST

Thu, 12/22/16 - 2:30 pm Album | Track

David Mansfield

Heaven's Gate Waltz

Heaven's Gate OST

Thu, 12/22/16 - 2:28 pm Album | Track


Willow's Song

The Wicker Man OST

Thu, 12/22/16 - 2:25 pm Album | Track

The Fugees Featuring A Tribe Called Quest, Busta Rhymes, Forte

Rumble in the Jungle

When We Were Kings OST

Thu, 12/22/16 - 2:20 pm Album | Track

Alfred Newman

Airport (Main Title)

Airport OST

Thu, 12/22/16 - 2:17 pm Album | Track

Henry Mancini

Runaway Train

Silver Streak OST

Thu, 12/22/16 - 2:16 pm Album | Track

John Barry

Diamonds Are Forever (Bond And Tiffany)

Diamonds Are Forever OST

Thu, 12/22/16 - 2:13 pm Album | Track


7th Heaven

The Last Dragon OST

Thu, 12/22/16 - 2:10 pm Album | Track


I Would Die For You

Purple Rain OST

Thu, 12/22/16 - 2:07 pm Album | Track

David Bowie

Real Cool World

Cool World OST

Thu, 12/22/16 - 2:04 pm Album | Track


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